Hey you,

It’s Nerd #2.

If you’re new here, I’m guessing that you’re wondering what this whole “My Note Taking Nerd” site is all about.

Myself and the Chief coined this place, “Your Go-To Source For Getting JUST The Million Dollar Strategies And Tactics From The Most Respected Marketing, Sales and Business Building Seminars On The Planet So That You Can Spend More Time “Making Money” And Less Time “Learning About Making Money!”

During one of his presentations for Agora Publishing, the copywriting legend Eugene Schwartz spoke on creativity, a subject thought to be critical to the success of any marketer or copywriter, and stated that…

“We do not create anything. God is the only one who has the power to do that. We, as humans, merely assemble and connect what already exists.”

That’s what My Note Taking Nerd universe is — a gathering of what myself and the Chief have picked up from other masters of the business and personal development universe and also each others life experiences. We’ve assembled our discoveries here for you in a pure, distilled, and clean format.


You Can Call Us The Executioners Of Information Overload

If you’re an information addict like the Chief and I are, you’re the info marketer’s multi-orgasm wet dream.

You buy EVERYTHING. And then what happens is that if you have any kind of life outside of the 60+ hours a week it can take running your business or steering your career, you end up having limited time to study, take notes on, and then implement what you’re learning.

Or, you’ve got a list of 150 other things you’d rather be doing than “Learning the nitty gritty nuts and bolts on how to be successful.” It’s like that one saying about writers… “Nobody wants to write. They want to have written.”

For me, I really don’t want to do all the hands-dirty, shit jobs it takes to achieve success. I’ll do them, but grudgingly so. I just want to have succeeded.

After I get done “Working”, I want to slip into fuck-off, relaxation mode. This is why I used to put off studying. That shit “felt” like MORE WORK. This site was birthed out of the idea of “Hey, we can’t be alone in feeling this way.”

3 Logical Reasons For You To Be A Fan Of What We’re Doing Here…

Logical Reason #1 – At this time in your life it’d take a miracle to put together enough money for you to invest in even one of these seminars or courses.

Logical Reason #2 – You already own these systems and seminars we’ve taken notes on and you’re the victim of information overload and haven’t studied them yet and don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Logical Reason #3 – You’re a proud cheap skate that would go into a seizure if your hand ever stroked a check for the full amount of any of the programs we talk about and cover here on the site. Moreover, if you ever overcame your frugality… you’d likely be included in the portion of these marketer’s list that caused them the most grief by bitching, whining & nit picking teensy imperfections in their products.

Who’s This Nerd #2 Anyway?

I’m a guy who fights with the belief that he shouldn’t be where he is, experiencing the kind of success he does and has the other part of him who believes that everything’s unfolding exactly how it should and that it’s all perfect.

The side of me that believes I shouldn’t be as successful as I am, is the part that remembers coming from a family where my two most influential roles models growing up as a boy where a drug addict and drug addict/alcoholic.

The side of me that as a child and adult has lived through evictions, homelessness, visiting family in jail, dropping out of school in 11th grade to start working, etc., etc.

And then there’s the other half of me who’s grateful for everything that happens and has happened because I believe all news. This spirit inside has shown up at every job and venture I’ve been involved with and has impressed the living shit out of my colleagues.

And in the same light, after reaching the pinnacle of success, I’ve nose dived in some of those professions and sabotaged my own success and had those same colleagues wondering “What The Fuck?” So no, I’m not perfect. Yet.

Who I really am in my core has defied the odds over and over again. Who I am drew the wizened Chief to me who ended up serving a role as my most valued mentor to this day.

I’m an introvert.

This means I re-charge and rejuvenate when I’m alone with the voice in my head. So, combine this with a love of learning, a competitive drive, my “Fuck the Establishment” renegade mindset and blend it all together and you have the makings for the perfect nerd.

A compelling desire within drives me to have answers to business and life questions not only for myself but so that I can also be a “Go-To” guy for my friends. It forces me to put in what most people would call “More work, after work” which leads to me having more than plenty to share the with you here.

The Chief; a Brief History

Chief is an extrovert that thrives in the presence of groups of people. But not just any kind of people. He’s always gravitated towards extraordinary renegade personalities.

When he was a kid this meant hanging out with people who were so good at putting fear on the shelf, that it appeared to outsiders, that they had a death wish. Guys who’s idea of a fun nightly activity was finding someone who thought they were tough and then beating the shit out of them in front of all of their friends. And then telling their friends to come get some too.

Luckily he met an old man who saw a raw talent in this charismatic kid who’d been on his own since 13 years old, and started showing him a way out of that crazy lifestyle and let him start running the old man’s business side by side with him.

The old man’s intuition proved correct and the teen excelled under his tutelage. Then his next mentor got a hold of him and turned him onto the likes of Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham, the beast was unleashed and has never went back into it’s cage and he’s been self-employed ever since.

I Call This Muthafucker “Mr. Find It”

One thing I’ve valued so much about the Chief as a close personal friend, is how helpful he is. This is where his nerdiness shows it’s face. He has this insane desire to want to be one of the most resourceful people you know. Especially on topics he’s passionate about.

Whether it’s a business or personal development sticking point you have, wondering how to make a woman squirt or figuring out the holes in your cash game poker playing, he’s got answers for you.

If you’re his friend, and you share similar interests, this guy is a gold mine of answers. He studies his ass off not only so he can excel himself but so that he brings something to your relationship with him. He gets a kick out you becoming more in his presence.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your friends could support you this way?

Well, if you don’t have friends like this, stick around, see what we have to share and if it works for you and you converse with us here or through email, on our conference calls and we click… soon you’ll be able to count the two of us as friends.

How Do You Get In Touch With Us To Cultivate a Relationship?

If you have a question for the Chief, you can email him at mynotetakingnerd@gmail.com.

If you have a question for me, Note Taking Nerd #2 you can hit me at notetakingnerd2@gmail.com

Our Twitter handle is @notetakingnerd

Our Facebook book Fan Page is here

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Daiyaan
    Dec 16, 2008 @ 03:51:20

    Hi, I’ve noticed that you’ve mentioned both David Allen’s Getting Things Done and I also saw that you said “Eben Pagan. His Wake Up Productive Program absolutely
    kicks booty.”

    I’ve read getting things done. I just wanted to know, how does the wake up productive program compare? Does it cover everything that getting things done covers and more? Is it better? Is there anything it doesn’t cover that getting things done does?

    Thank you very much, I look forward to your response,



  2. Glyn at Free RTG Book
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 16:12:36

    I have become a big Napoleon Hill fan ever since Eben Pagan first introduced me to him and his mastermind grope. Other then Dr. Hill and Eben I think The Note Taking Nerd has probably helped transform my life.

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!


  3. Nicoline
    May 29, 2011 @ 11:03:49

    I’ve read getting things done. I just wanted to know, how does the wake up productive program compare? Does it cover everything that getting things done covers and more? Is it better? Is there anything it doesn’t cover that getting things done does?


  4. Doug
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 12:51:59

    “Since you mention Agora…are you in Baltimore?


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