Life Isn’t About Dying a Peaceful and Calm Death. It’s About Skidding Sideways Into the Casket Yelling “YEE HAW!!!”


Life Isn’t About Dying a Peaceful and Calm Death.  It’s About Skidding Sideways Into the Casket Yelling “YEE HAW!!!”


This Guy'll Definitely Be Skidding Sideways Into His Coffin. How About You?

Hey you,


It’s #2.


This post goes out to our loyal fan Tim Birch.


During these past 2 weeks I’ve been locking myself down taking notes and writing copy and hadn’t checked the comments on the blog since my last post, until today.


While doing so, I noticed Tim’s comment about one of his cousin’s passing away.  When I read it, my first reaction was to reply but then I remembered a story and I wanted to share it with you Tim, and everyone else here.


This is a story I used to listen to over and over again on my walkman while working for a commercial construction company.  At least a decade has passed since I’ve heard this but it touched me so deeply I knew you’d appreciate it too.  It’s told by one of the greatest transformational story tellers I know of, Tony Robbins.


It was one of the rare gems trapped inside on of his discussions on metaphors buried inside his Power Talk series.  The passage below is a gorgeous metaphor pertaining to the concept of death.


Here goes….


“My son Joshua came to me from school, and I think he was about six or seven at the time.


A child at school, a child he used to play with, one of his little friends was climbing on some of the playground equipment and fell off, broke his neck and died.


I came home and Josh was crying hysterically. And everything people tried to tell him and explain to him verbally about why it happened, what was going on, nothing would work.


So I sat down him and said ‘Honey, I know how you feel.  But you know, I think the challenge is that, while you know you miss him and you have the right to miss him, you should feel those feelings, you should also realize that the reason you feel the way you do is because you’re a caterpillar.’


He said, “What?” This broke his pattern a little bit.


I said, “Honey, you’re just a caterpillar.  And you’re thinking like a caterpillar.”


He said, “What do you mean?”


“Well, what happens to caterpillars at some point?  There’s a point where most caterpillars think they’ve died.  They think it’s over, they think life has ended.  When’s that?”  I said.


He said, “Oh yeah, when there’s that thing that starts wrapping around them.”


I said, “Yeah, that thing starts wrapping around them and pretty soon the caterpillar gets buried in all this mass of stuff. And you know what, if you were to open up that thing it’s buried under, the caterpillar’s no longer there.  It’s just all this mush and goo and stuff.


And most people including caterpillars, even the caterpillar that’s transforming there, is thinking it’s the end yet it’s not dying, it’s transforming, you understand, it’s going from one thing to something else.


Pretty soon, the caterpillar thinks that life is over and what happens is the caterpillar comes together and what does it become?”


He said, “A butterfly.”


I said, “And can other people see that?  Can the little caterpillars on the ground see that this caterpillar became a butterfly?”


He said, “No, they don’t see that.”


I said, “That’s right.  Funny, he breaks out of the cocoon and what does he do?”


He said, “He flies.”


And I said, “He doesn’t fly right away, he get’s out and the sunlight comes down and dries off his wings and then he goes out flies and he’s even more beautiful than when he was a caterpillar.


Is he more free or less free?  You tell me.”


He said, “Oh, he’s much more free.”


I said, “You think he has more fun?”


He said, “Yeah, he’s got less legs to get tired.”


“That’s right, he does.  He doesn’t need his legs any more, he’s got wings.  Honey, I think your friend’s got wings now.  It’s not for us to decide when someone becomes a butterfly.  We think it’s wrong but I think God has a better idea of when the right time is.


We think summer should be here now but you know right now it’s winter and you want it to be summer, right?  But God’s got a different plan.  Sometimes we just gotta trust that God knows how to make butterflies better than we do.


And when we’re caterpillars sometimes we don’t even realize that butterflies even exist because they’re up above us.  Maybe we should just remember that.”


He stopped crying, and was smiling and he gave me a big hug and said, “Yeah, I bet he’s a beautiful butterfly.”


Metaphors can transform.  Select them carefully.  Select them intelligently.  Select them in a way that deepens and enriches your life or the people you care about.  Become a student of metaphors and become sensitized to them and your whole life can change.


Wishing you and your family the best Tim,


Talk to you soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2




A Brilliant Story Told By Anthony Robbins About Creating The Rules You Live Your Life By



Self Made In America John M

You Can Learn Alot From John...

Who’s Rules Do You Follow?

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Quick question.

What do you believe is the fastest way to get the results you want in a specific area of your life?

Today I want to tell you one of my favorite stories that I’ve ever heard on what would be my answer to this question.

It’s one of the many genius stories from the vast peak performance library that is Tony Robbin’s brain told in his words.

This is about taking control of the information that comes into your mind.  Select the information, having a plan for that information and getting it from sources that do produce results.

This about a man who because he had a limited amount of information that he had at one point, thought he had no future and was ready to commit suicide.  And how when he changed the information he consciously sought out, when he sought out people who were getting results, was able to completely turn his life around and become a role model. In fact a man who’s known by Inc. Magazine as one of their hottest entrepreneurs of the year.

His name is John McCormack.

The neat thing about John is this is man who’s produced results and defied all the odds.  Let me tell you a little about his background.  He started out years ago in Brooklyn.

He grew up in environment where his father was a police officer, and his grandfather had been a policeman and his brother was a priest and he said he had one of two choices, be a policeman or a priest and it became pretty obvious to him that he was gonna be a policeman because he liked women too much.

Here’s a guy working in one of the toughest environments in America

And he goes out each day in an environment where wearing a uniform doesn’t protect you.  Some people it makes them want to shoot you.  And he had painful experiences day after day.  And a limited future of what his business could be.

And one day he had an experience that jolted him, that made him think differently.  That made him look at other options that he wouldn’t have looked at if he was just being seduced by following all the role models he was surrounded by.

This experience was that one day he got a call while he was on a one man patrol.

The call was to tell him that a local deli was being held up.  He sprinted to the scene and as he was going there he saw two other policeman who looked like they were going the opposite way.  He burst into the room… More

Online Video is the craze… Go To Mike Koenigs For Advice On How To Do It Right

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This guys an idiot.  After checking out the link in todays post you never be accused of being an idiot about what equipment to use for your online videos

This guys an idiot. After checking out the link in todays post you'll never be accused of being an idiot about what equipment to use for your online videos

Hey you,

It’s #2.

On Tuesday’s Ultra Product Launch Call, Chris asked us a question about online video, specifically what sites are best to submit them to.

I referred him to Mike Koenigs at  I wanted you to know about him also.  Mike was recently interviewed by Tony Robbins for his “New Money Masters Series”.

That video turned into a fan boy of Mike.

He built this super de duper program that allows you to distribute your web video to EVERY significant video and social media site on the internet.  Mike is also a wizard at knowing what technology you need to get started, what’s the best bang for your buck and what’s totally un-necessary.

Below is a link to 28 minute free video on his blog that goes into detail about picking the right equipment for your specific situation.  This video will show you how not to get screwed and also how to shine.

Go check out Mike here at…

For some reason, wordpress is blanking out my hyper link button so just copy and paste the web address above, into your browser and you’ll be on your way.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

How To Stack Trust & Desire Into Every Claim You Make About What You Sell


9.12. 09 Trust is everything front coverHey you,

It’s #2.

I’ve got a gift for ya.  It’s actually a piece of the un-released bonus I put together for the studs and studettes in the super fantastic Ultra Product Launch program but first…

Can I ask you a personal question about your business?  Go ahead? O.K., here goes…

…Do people roll out the red carpet for almost any request you make of them on your landing/squeeze pages?  Or…

…Do the majority of people get kinda creeped out or bored to death and  bail outta your sites?

If the former applies to you, and like a Tellman Knudson, you’re getting a 53% opt in rate, you’re gonna love what I’ll be revealing today and…

…if you fall into the latter category, you’ll definitely want to give me a bear hug or a smooch after you’ve read this because I’m gonna show you how to fix this.

The landing pages that are kicking ass like the one I mentioned above are nothing more than a headline with a just a dribble of copy about what you can expect once you opt-in.

I know after watching the webinar last night where Carlton ripped Tellman’s second page offer (the place he sends people right after he gets the first name and email) a new A double S hole… that he could use what I’m dropping in your lap today.

It’s that solid.

Carlton didn’t want to even talk about the landing page because it’s converting so well but after you and I get finished talking today and from now on, you’ll be thinking to yourself… More

Tony Robbins On How To Live An Extraordinary Life

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Part 2: Two Words That Allow You To Get Anyone To Do Anything You Want… Gun and Mask Not Required


No Guns Allowed

WARNING! Once You Have The Secrets Contained Here You Will Be Armed With Something So Powerful Nobody May Ever Be Able To Say No To You Again

Hey You,

It’s #2, back to finish the story I told you in the previous post about how Tony Robbins used the power of Pre-Framing to kick down the door of resistance he faced while working with the San Antonio Spurs.

And today is where I walk you thorough how I did this for an entrepreneur breaking into what many would consider hostile territory… the financial sector… specifically Private Equity Investing which with the help of Bernie Madoff, has raised skepticism to an all time high.

Remember how I said you should print off the last post?  You did?  Good.

Because you’re gonna wanna do the same with this one because with Tony’s template along with mine, you’ve got two prime examples of how to talk to a cold prospect/market who doesn’t know you and this is vastly important because…

Nerd #2’s Law of Influence:  You Must Buy the Messenger Before You Buy The Message.  Yes, Must, not should, not might.  Must.

Dan Kennedy talks about this in his “Influential Writing” program which was done right in the middle of America’s last presidential debate.

He says people are really at their core making a decision on whether or not to vote for someone based on the answer to this question: ‘Would I want to have a beer with that person?’ for men and for women ‘Would I trust them watching my kids?’

Not their qualifications.

As proof of that, he says that one of the only president who’s actually had a track record that supported the chief commander title was George Bush 1.

Me, I don’t care.  They’re all yutzes if you ask me.  All just puppets serving the real master.  But that’s neither here, nor there.

What you and I are after is how to generate a favorable impression in the eyes of a stranger.

Here’s a quick re-cap of where we left off in our Robbins story…

The Spurs management brought Tony in to help get the team over a slump they’d never been able to overcome… making it past the first round of the playoffs.

The head coach is supposed to give him a glowing introduction but after seeing and sensing his team would feel anger & resentment toward him for serving them up to this “Motivational Guy” on their only day off… he slinks out on Tony at the last second.

None of the players are Tony’s champion but one of them agrees to introduce him and totally flubs the introduction by saying “Uh, the dude coming up is a real nice person, and he’s sincere.  Here’s Tony Robbins.”

The fuel that’s fanning this fire is a man by the name of Dennis Rodman, one of the toughest, roughest, bad boy forwards to have ever played the game.  Even though he’s not the captain of the team, his energy is so potent that it affects everyone else’s perception of Tony.

Dennis, in an act of defiance, walks into the room, picks up the workbook Tony laid out for him and rips it in half, plops his shades on, and sits with his arms crossed.

What’s Tony To Do?

Meeting the players where they are in their minds instead of where he is, Tony deftly creates the frame that he doesn’t have all the answers, and that he does.  That he doesn’t deserve to be there, but yet he does.

He’s created an opening.  A sense of awe from the guys.  A “This guys got some elephant sized balls” kinda of respect.

The NBA by law can only hold the players there for an hour, but Tony needs 3 to make an impact.  But first to win over the “Rebel Without a Cause” Dennis Rodman.

If Tony can’t win over Dennis, he’s gonna lose 85% of the players at the end of the hour.

So, Tony just being Tony, after he’s set up his frame says, “I know about you Dennis.  I watched you last night.  You’re one of the only guys who took time to sign autographs for all the kids.  I saw that”

Tony had brought along a group of kids that are in his Champions program.  Kids he sponsors a college education for, that he’d flown down the night before.  It was the first time they’d been on an airplane.

He brought the kids to a “Big Time” NBA game and after the last buzzer most of the team just blew by them but Dennis didn’t.

“Everyone talks about Dennis is a problem.  I know you want to be totally unique & separate, on your own and I know you’re as good as they get.  And I’m not here to blow smoke up your ass.  But More

Part 1: Two Words That Allow You To Get Anyone To Do Anything You Want. Gun and Mask Not Required…

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These two words make it so you don't have to use force to what you want like Patrick Swayze & his gang did in "Point Break"

These two words make it so you don't have to use force to get what you want like Patrick Swayze & his gang did in "Point Break"

Hey you, It’s #2.

Today I’m going to share with you the most powerful way to influence your prospects & customers.

Last night I spent a few hours on a detailed note taking session to put this together for you.  The program I dove into was Tony Robbins’ “Creating Lasting Change” product which, by the way, is my favorite out of any of his others.

Now, you and I are gonna look directly over the shoulder and listen to a story in the voice of someone who’s internationally respected for his ability to influence.

Here we go…

If you’re gonna create a change in anyone, i.e. exchange little blips of numbers from their  bank account to yours or take action on what you ask them to do… you gotta remember they only want to change one of two things…

…How they feel… or what they’re doing, which is their behavior.

Those are only two things people want to change.

Everything comes down to state, “What’s the state of mind they go into in a certain environment?”

What’s the state they’re in right now?

The two basic ways of changing state are changing someone’s physiology or… their focus, the way they’re representing things.

If someone’s got a bad association to “authority figures” you’ve gotta change their feeling toward that or what “Authority Figures” mean to them.  That’s all it takes.

Changing the meaning for people is a primary skill you’re already using in life.

There 3 ways to do it…


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