Marketing Notes On Gaining More Customers From Jay Abraham’s PEQ Seminar

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You’re about to see elite small business marketing “buying criteria” strategies that Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes laid out at their ultra expensive Performance Enhancement Quotient seminar that are designed to turn your business into the sexy beast everyone wants to sleep with, er, I mean, shove money at

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

What do I specifically mean when I say “small business marketing buying criteria strategies” designed to turn your business into the “Sexy Beast” of the market?

Good question.

Let me give you an analogy. It’s June here in Las Vegas and the sky is bright blue and it’s a dry 86 degrees. What does that mean? Pool Parties on the strip are in full swing – 7 days a week.

For a single heterosexual male, one of the things they would dread most is showing up at a pool party at the hottest casino and having it be Oktoberfest – where the sausages outnumber the vaginas 100 to 1.

If a guy wanted to make new women friends in this environment he’d have to be one of the coolest guys in the place with a light, care-free, and fun spirit who’s very comfortable talking to strangers because these women are getting either eye-raped or approached by all the other guys who are in within 50 yards of them, 100% of the time from the very second they walk through the gate.

In this situation, as in most, the ladies have the house odds and if they’re confident and bold enough to put themselves out there, they have their choice of pretty much any guy they want. (and if they want the guy and can’t have him, they want him even more and they forget about everyone else.)

How To Not Get Cock Blocked In Business

In the market place, the sausage fest equivalent of playing in the Vegas premier pool party environment would be setting up shop in a niche where there’s a SHIT-TON of competition. 

You walk in and you see that you’ve got all these dicks hanging around there, some cool, some not, and some of them are spending BIG dollars in order to hook up with your perfect prospect.

Your perfect prospect is getting eye-raped and approached not only by your direct competitors but tons of other people who want to put their hands inside their pants pockets as well.

I believe that if you’re reading this right now, you’re the kind of person who knows this doesn’t mean you don’t play here because you don’t want competition. Nope. I imagine that you’re actually encouraged by this because a crowded market tells you there’s money to be made there.

All you’ve got to do to get that money is show up and the be the cool guy who communicates that your dick is different from everyone else’s in a way that they clearly see it as a self-serving benefit to themselves.

And what’s promising is that almost no one knows how to put their little or big dick i.e. big or small business in the spotlight that allows them to become the person your perfect prospect wants to pursue and surrender to you so that you can give them pleasure.

Who Is This Strategy Right For

You might be the person who believes being in business is all about dominating your competition. This out of this world strategy, when used to it’s full potential allows you to crush your mere mortal competitors. They’ll be so embarrassed at how bad they are at competing with you.

You might be the person who in invisible to your customers and has the big boys of the industry kicking sand in your face. This strategy gives you power to even the playing field even if you’re playing with some heavy hitters.

Your business might already be kicking some serious ass. You take what you learn and apply it and test the hell out of stuff so you’re always improving. This strategy is definitely something that can take you to the next level.

You might be a person who gets their ass kicked left and right when it comes to seducing customers. You get ass kicked in everything you do and you feel horrible about it. Well if you want to stop being the ugly duckling loser in your prospects eyes, this strategy is going help you stop being a failure at lead generation.

Maybe you’re the person who knows that living is giving and you feel that growth and contribution are the real purpose of being in business. This marketing strategy will help you lift people up and leave them better off for having engaged with you, whether they buy or not.

If you feel like you’re the loser in your industry because no one likes you or your marketing and no one responds to it, this strategy can change everything you know about attracting customers and your entire experience of being in business.

Now Let the Seduction Begin . . .



Stimulate Winning Small Business Marketing Strategies Just Like Marketing God Jay Abraham Does

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Here’s the marketing notes on 221 point checklist Jay Abraham says, “I use to jog my own thinking when engineering small business marketing strategies for myself and my own clients.”

Hey You,

It’s Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd.

If you’re gonna come up with a market domination strategy, you’ve gotta know all the resources, options, alternative actions, sources of information, etc. that you can use to build it.

If you don’t, you’ll most likely end up with a two-legged stool of a strategy that causes you to fall flat on your ass, crippling yourself before you even begin.

People usually develop a strategy based only on what they know based on their experience . . . not on what’s possible.

You can use the check list below to:

  • To help you develop your strategy . . .
  • To help you become aware all the options and resources that are ready for you to use. Use this list to awaken yourself to all the tools that are at your finger tips for engineering a kick ass strategy for your company. Think of each section as a “Pantry of opportunity” . . .
  • To ensure you’re not leaving anything absolutely essential to the creation and success of your marketing strategy . . .
  • And of course, you won’t be able to implement everything on the list at once but you can use this to focus in on what you can apply next that augments your current master strategy.

Use this list to keep yourself from wandering aimlessly like so many of your competitors do. Let’s get this party started . . .


40% of a Person’s Decision to Hand You Money Depends On This One Factor


You can't be a social sloth in business and make any kind of real money

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Jay Abraham is famous for telling his audiences that they should fall in love, not with their business or product, but with their clients.

$3 Million dollars worth of research and studies that Chet Holmes, the author of “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, has compiled, reveals that the best sales people:

Focus on the front end of the sale which means they devote 40% of their time to this part. 40% of whether you decide to buy from someone depends on if you like them or not. The ultimate definition of rapport is that they like you and they trust you and they respect you.

Words to live by:

Maturity is when all of your mirrors turn into windows.

Henry David Thoreau

The most influential people are not thinking about themselves because that would be looking at a mirror but instead, they’re looking through the window so that they can understand, address the goals of their client.

Influential people will say stuff like, “I never met someone I didn’t like,” or “Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

Think Of Your Ultimate Client Relationship

Today I want to take you through a process I got from a ultra-rare Tony Robbins audio that lets you create a vision for what your perfect relationship with your More

5 Principles Of Marketing Strategy You Must Know

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Here's a Few of The Strategies I Picked Up From This Genius Over The Years...Enjoy!

Here's a Few of The Strategies I Picked Up From This Genius Over The Years...Enjoy!

Hello Nerd Fan’s .. Chief Nerd Here

Been busy as crap over here .. wish I had 13 Arms, 7 Brains, and 22 Legs. (Imagine what this guy would look like)

I got so much I want to share with you guys. I’m gettin there though.

I’ve been Tearing Through some of my old notes from various Seminars I’ve attended.

Just came across some Kick Ass stuff from a Jay Abraham Seminar.

Talks about the 5 Principles of Marketing Strategy.

Check this out. Super Cool Stuff..

Principle #1: Specialization – What areas do I specialize in? You can not be everything to everyone. The more specialized you are the more appealing you will be to your market. Everyone Wants to work with a specialist. The more you can identify, quantify, and compare what you do the more you will own your market. People will always seek the highest level of expertise they can afford.

Principle #2: Differentiation – In what ways am I both superior and different than my competition? What areas am i excellent in? Maybe we are more discriminating in what we do (look at 1,000 before we choose), maybe our staff has ten times the training, maybe we are just the first people to educate the market on something everyone does but no one else explains…

“If you don’t have competitive advantage than do not compete” – Jack Welch

Principle #3: Segmentation – Take your areas of specialization and explain what you do better in that area. Then begin to segment your market. Find out who are your best customers. How can we find someone who already has our customers? If you described your perfect customers who would they be? What are different categories of customers worth to our business? Only then can you know what you are willing to pay to attract those customers.

Principle #4 – Concentration In what areas of activity should we focus our time, money, and effort? How do we get these customers to buy even more? Find out what different forms of media work the best. What words do we want to own in our customers minds?

Principle #5 – Positioning – How do you want to be talked about and described by your customers? Again.. What words in your market do you want to own in the minds of your customers?

Do you know the answers to these questions in detail? If not then get to work… See ya next time.

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