What The Hell Is “The 90 Day Challenge?”



48 Days Down – 32 to go… No bed time until I’ve exercised, released, had 75 ounces of water, done my typing tutorial for 30 mins and studied/applied copywriting or marketing for an hour… and more

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka #2.

“Ok… so you’re not watching movies or TV, you’re not listening to music, you’re not drinking coffee or any drinks with caffeine or alcohol,  you’re not reading your favorite fiction novels, you’re not hanging out on Facebook make people laugh… what the hell are you doing with all of this free time.”

This is a question that one of my friends asked me about this “90 Day Challenge” that I’ve taken on.

In response to that question, I told her, “A bunch of shit I’ve been scared to do for a long time.”

Why I Chose To Do This? More


Part 2 of 2 – How To Win… Even When You’re Intimidated


The Back & Forth of Living

Today I want to share with you ways to make fear your bitch so that you spend more time feeling like a winner

Hey You,

It’s #2.

What do you do when something scares the shit out of you?

Do you go inside your body or does what you feel come screaming out of you wrapped in anger or sorrow in attempt to put the fear outside of yourself?

If you don’t always respond heroically in the face of being frightened, I think you’ll find some extremely useful lessons in today’s piece that show you how to turn this around so that you always get to feel proud of how you respond when the shit hits the fan.

Now let’s you and I  finish the story of How To Win… Even When You’re Intimidated!

If you haven’t seen Part 1 yet, you’ll wanna go here to see it. Now let’s pick up right where we left off where Teddy Atlas was in prison right on the edge of getting punked  for his tennis shoe by what he called “This guy who was six feet and a mean looking motherfucker”…


How To Win… Even When You’re Intimidated


This costume will kick you in the throat through your computer screen

Master the life lessons in this post and you’ll be able to kick fear in the throat “Chuck Norris” style

Hey You,

It’s #2.

Have you ever felt the fear of having a squadron of police pointing their guns at you, ready to put more holes in you than Swiss cheese if you make one wrong move? Or… been inside of a prison where the meanest and most powerful people there want to rape you just for the fun of it?

I haven’t.

But the guy I’m gonna introduce you to today has. And he’s used what he learned in these, and many more hair-raising experiences to make the world a brighter, braver place to live for people like you and I.


The Worst Book Ever

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Brad Blanton Radical Honesty Post

When you don’t use what’s trapped inside “The Worst Book Ever” it’s gets really easy to make this the primary question you ask yourself

Hey You,

It’s #2.

Why the hell would I take this whole piece to tell you about the worst book  ever?

Because it’s going to point you to a solution that I believe would relieve you of any and all the body tension & stress that’s eating away at your stomach lining and soul… pour water all over the destructive raging fire within that is your need for approval… and disappear any fear of confrontation you have.

And yet, it’ll be rejected by the majority like it was “Mein Kampf”

You still here? O.K. You asked for it…

A couple of weeks or so ago while I was working on page 136 of the 181 pages of the edition of notes I put together for Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint course, a question came up in Eben’s webinar chat from a man named Brad Blanton.

Eben damn near pissed himself with excitement at at the fact of seeing this man taking his training and if you’ve listened to Eben’s monotone delivery of hard-hitting content, you know this is a monumental accomplishment.

You see, for years, Eben has sung the praises of a book called “Radical Honesty,” written by Brad Blanton. This call was no different. Eben flat out said that “Radical Honesty” is

in his list of the top 10 books ever written, and told everyone on the call to go out and get a copy of it.

If you know what an info-nerd Eben is and how much he studies, you don’t take this endorsement lightly. So, off to get it and “Practicing Radical Honesty” I went and even though I’m only through 3 of the 8 CD’s, I can see why he’s so in love with it. I also want to get it pregnant now too.

Today I’m going to share with you a segment of the book that let’s you see why I believe it can deliver on everything I promised you in the opening paragraph of this piece. But first I’ve got to ask a question I’m guessing might be on your mind…

“So If This Is a “Top Ten” book, Why Is This Piece Titled “The Worst Book Ever?”


Why I Love Swearing and Why You Probably Do Too


Cosmo pic

Cosmo, just say the word you and everyone else is thinking! “Freaking?” Come. The Fuck. On.



“There Are No Dirty Words; Only Dirty People” Dr. Richard Bandler – Co-Creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Why is swearing “Bad”?

Look at that Cosmo header above. They know exactly what they’re trying to hammer home with the word “Freaking” as the sentence without it would’ve stood alone. Yet they pulled the punch. Why?

Because they know most Americans are scared, repressed, pussies.

In the privacy of their own homes people indulge in boat loads of porn and R-Rated movies and music that cusses in their cars or ipods but then when they’re in public they make people wrong who aren’t ashamed of the fact that they like porn and cussing. What the What?

In Cosmopolitan’s infinite wisdom and keen pulse on the market, they know what people behind closed doors dig. I mean look at Natalie Portman winning the Golden Globe for her role as the psychotic, lesbo fantasizing, ballerina in the movie “Black Swan”.

The numbers don’t lie. People love sex. People love cussing. Otherwise why would Sex and


Are You Fucking The World Open So That She Gives You Everything Your Heart Desires?


Unicorn Boning Dos

Whether or not you're crushing it in life depends entirely on the topic of today's post...

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Quick Question to the men here…

Are you fucking the world open or are you in impotence mode?

The reason I ask this question is because the mode you’re in, determines what results you’re getting in life. And if you’re at all interested in being proud of how your life unfolds from here on out… you’re definitely gonna want to pay attention to this.

What follows is one of my favorite mentors, David Deida, spelling out exactly in his words why your financial success is man’s version of physical beauty in a woman.   And it’s used in the same way too. Big wallets…women like ‘em. Nice tits… men like ‘em. But not for the reason everyone thinks.

Here’s how he puts it…

Money actually is a good indicator of a man’s purpose. It doesn’t have to be but it is. In other words, the world is a big woman and your capacity to make money, is your capacity to fuck that big woman open to God. They’re the same thing.

To make her happy, to make her juice, to get her wet. Money.

And it doesn’t mean that if you have a purpose that you’ll have money because your purpose might have nothing to do with money and you might go off into the dessert and meditate and have no money at all but be totally aligned with your purpose.

But it means that if you want to make money, you can do it. If you want to make money, a man’s purpose is directly related to his capacity to make money. A man’s purpose means his ability to cut through obstruction and achieve your goal whether it’s enlightenment, money, whatever it is.

It’s like a woman’s radiance. When a woman is open, she becomes radiant and beautiful physically and energetically.  Also if she’s not radiant, she can fake the physical beauty.

Same thing with men. If men are filled with purpose naturally, they can make money if they want to.  If they’re not filled with purpose then they have to strive to make money as a substitute for their purpose.

And money, just like a woman’s radiance is a way of reading her, I mean, if my wife wasn’t radiantly beautiful, I’d know she wasn’t practicing radiance.

So if I don’t have the capacity to earn money if I want to, then I’m not practicing. And now you can’t earn it like THAT, because it takes time to make a woman cum. It takes time to make money come from the universe. But you can still take a direct route there.

If someone has trouble manifesting money, trouble, not a desire not to, than you have weak energy and money does deserve to doubt you.

It’s just the same as if your woman is weak, dull and tired all the time it shows that she’s not conducting life force through her body. If you don’t have the amount of money you want, it shows that you’re not conducting life force throughout the world.

All That It Takes To Make Money Is a Will

It comes to saying, “I want to make this much, what skills do I have? Ok, I can do these skills for that long and get that money. Or, I gotta go back to school to get these skills to make that money.” And then you just do it.

It’s because you waver, and waver and obstruction comes up, you’re afraid of failure, you’re afraid of success, you don’t put the energy into it, you don’t cut the mustard and you don’t make the money you’d like to.

It’s not that hard to make money except that it’s difficult for you to cut through obstruction… For anyone to cut through obstruction.

Now, the other side of it is if you don’t have a true purpose and you aren’t connected to your heart, then you waver and you get money as an artificial substitute for a true purpose. Just like you could be some run-down old bitch and you put on a lot of mascara and lipstick and dress nice and try to look good but it’s a fake way of how you would look naturally if you were full of light force as a woman or full of purpose and consciousness as a man.

So finances actually, are a real good pulse on a man’s fullness in the world.

But only you know if you’re making the money you want to, the way you want to. It’s up to you. You might be fine on making $10 dollars a day or $10 a month. You could go to India and live forever on what we make in a year.

So it’s not the absolute amount of money. It’s your capacity to manifest that’s the measure. And so women will look to that, just like you’ll look for her radiance as a man, as a measure.

Why as a man, would you want to be with a woman who was dumpy and ugly and weak on energy and totally contracted and had no life force? Why would a woman want to be with a man who can’t just say “I’m gonna go do this,” and winnow out every difficulty and focus and accomplish that?

Every time you’re ambiguous, you start a project and you don’t finish it show weakness with respect to money somehow, like you back out of something because you’re afraid to make a stand, or you change your mind too often so you’re never pulling through. Every time you do that, you’re weakening her trust in your integrity and your trust in your own integrity.

It’s one thing to do it consciously, to say, “I’m gonna do this,” and then consciously say “Oh, this was a mistake,” and consciously do this. But in all of those moments you’re full. You’re not weak, you’re not struggling, they’re choices you’re making in freedom.

Men tend to delude themselves, sometimes they’re just drifting and think that they’re making a conscious choice but really they didn’t have to balls to carry through with what they started.

Women are a good indicator of that as usual. Look at how they’re responding to your projects. If they’re really happy about what you’re doing, if they’re full of energy and they trust you, then you’re probably aligned with your purpose, whether or not you’re actually getting an income at that moment.


I’ve only recently been majorly focused on this topic because our coaching program just launched and our first module is based entirely on the “inner game” of making it happen for yourself in your business AND I just finished writing a shit-ton of bullets for the notes we have on Eben Pagan’s “Self Made Wealth” program.

There’s a few outstanding resources I can recommend that you run out and get right now if at this moment in time you aren’t fucking the world open being true to your purpose, on the path to bringing in all the money you wished you were.

The first is Dan Sullivan’s book… “Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want”. This entire books focus is on finding out what your gift is so that you can share it with the world and in turn be rewarded financially and spiritually because you aren’t trying to squeeze yourself into a box where you don’t fit.

The second resource I’d send you to would be David Deida’s book, “The Way Of The Superior Man”. This is a book that goes further into depth about what drives women to give you’re their full devotion. And a major part of that is what David talked about in today’s post. But where this post didn’t give you practices for you to implement to start your transformation, the book, is full of them. GO GET IT.

The third resource I can’t recommend to you highly enough would be the notes that we just put the finishing touches on for Eben Pagan’s “Self Made Wealth” program. More than 80% of this course is focused on the topic of today’s post and the “Inner Game” of wealth. Click here to go see what it’s all about…

Please, if you have any questions or opinions you’d like to share on this post, feel free to share them below. I’d love to hear what you think.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

Pepe Le Pew: Losing the Drama and Finding Your Balls – Part 2


Pepe 1

Are you too full of yourself or is the person who says you are, full of shit?


Hey you,

It’s #2.

Today you and I will be talking about how “Extreme Self Care”  can allow you to go through your day behaving courageously, calmly and courteously. The power trio.

One of Thomas Leonard’s, the author of “The Portable Coach: 28 laws of attraction for business & personal success”, ways of knowing he was succeeding in the moment was by how nice he was being to people.

This was the same guy who advocates that you become incredibly selfish as we talked about in length in Part 1 of this 2 part article.

Pepe Embodies The Power Trio

He was courageous in letting females know what he wanted and not being a “friend zone” wuss. He always exuded a calm, assertive energy. And he was always courteous in the face of rejection. He never got flustered or angry or turned into an asshole just because More

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