Never piss away another dollar on a bad salesperson hire ever again!

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Maybe you know what makes a super star salesperson, maybe you don’t.

If you hire salespeople now, or want to grow your business using them in the future (which Chet Holmes highly recommends because person to person contact/connection has the most impact on selling), you’ll definitely want to read this.

What I’m giving you today is a hunk of notes from the “Hiring Talent – The key that makes (or costs) you millions” section of the Ultimate Business Mastery Program.

Enjoy, and know there’s a fuck load more where this came from, just on this topic alone. Get the full set of notes if mastering this topic sings to you.

Here we go with the five traits of the best of the best star salespeople…

Empathy – Sincere interest in helping clients succeed.

Ego Strength (rejection armor)/Ego Drive (Ambition) – These people don’t get blown out for the day just More