Part 2 – Notes For Eben Pagan’s Modern Mastery Seminar

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“Communicate With Impact Or Don’t Communicate At All.” Jay Abraham

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Hey you,

It’s Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2.

Today’s free notes are gonna show you the exact way to get  directly to what your perfect prospect wants in your marketing messages.

As you’re reading these notes you’ll see why this is important, examples of how it’s applied to other businesses and you’ll see the action steps you can use RIGHT NOW to help you make sure you’re completely in sync with the people who can give the most money.

Let’s dive in…

“What are all these people trying to accomplish?” “what’s in common?” i.e. maybe business people who are also interested in spirituality THUS you may ask “hmm are there any online communities where business people into spirituality share enlightened business concepts?”

Figuring out who these people are you may stumble across that and ask “how do we communicate with impact so that when one of those people sees our community or website ‘this is for business people who are also into spirituality’ and they go ‘oooh interesting that’s kind of the group I want to be in’.

Then you go in and figure out people who are business people who are also enlightened spiritual oriented people what are their needs, fears, irrational desires, motives, problems they’re trying to solve and then base your community on addressing those top 3 or 5 hard driving emotional needs and focus on narrowly what they’re trying to accomplish so when they show up you can show them exactly what they’re looking to get, you have to know the specific needs of the people by asking them.

Find out what the “end” is after the alleviation from pain (i.e. spend more time with kids or more success at work), and then say “Here’s the experience, you do this 3 minute exercise, if you’ve got neck and shoulder lower back joints, that can be solved” – you say those 3 things and then do the exercise – then you say “if you come spend 60 minutes with me a trained practitioner I will reduce 60-70% of the tension and pain in your trouble spot which will allow you to then go to the thing you’re trying to do, give me a call I’d like to give you a free consultation”


“I’m going to do an exercise with you, it’s going to take 3 minutes, and you’re going to experience a level of stress reduction or tension release you’ll be able to feel – watch this” then at the end say the things above “and by the way if you neck and back pain shoulder pain joint pain, I’d like you to give me a call, I’d like to work with you for 60 mins, I can reduce it by 60-70%, if I don’t I’ll give you all your money back”


“Do this 3 minute exercise, and relieve your tension, your back tension, your knee tension IMMEDIATELY” RIGHT THERE that’s what it should say. Then underneath it, it should give the exercise (free line), tell them or show them in video how to do it, then it should say “if that worked for you and I’m sure that it did because I’ve done this with 1000’s of people all over the world” or whaever “then what I’d like to do is talk to you over the phone, I’d like to spend 60 minutes with you and I can reduce your neck and shoulder pain, your back pain or your knee pain up to 60-70%, I’ll guarantee 70% reduction in the pain by the time you leave in 60 minutes…call me”


ASK: “What’s the result I will get or the benefit or the pain I’ll be relieved from after watching just that DVD?”

Answer: Spine and Pelvis tension

ASK: “What is the problem that I, as the needer of that, am experiencing right now? what am I feeling in my body?”

Answer: Lower back pain, Neck pain

ASK: “What are my emotions I’m feeling?”

Answer: Frustrated, angry, confused, don’t know which way to turn

ASK: “What am I going to be able to do better in my life that I’m prevented from doing because of it?”

Answer: USE ONE OF THOSE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR NAMING THE PRODUCT…so instead of it being about ‘phase 8’ and ‘ortho bionomy’…it’s about “relieving the stress in your neck and spine so you can get to the thing you want to do”, you’ll get further there…it’s got to be obvious to me immediately – it might be a picture of red bolts coming from some guys joints with a huge pain on his face and then another below it with cool soothing water and an ‘aaah’ expression on their face with the title “60 minutes from this to this” THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE. Don’t leave it ambiguous for the customer to figure out on their own and be too whatever.


People that go from bad to good, people that are good and want to go beyond

Find 3 to 5 hot buttons, get them out there immediately and keep hammering them over and over and over


ADD -> Wellness system

One is ‘here’s my snake oil and it also does this vs the other way specifically stating for

ADD and gives the solution

POWERFUL COMMUNICATION: “You got a huge problem and I understand that problem, and I understand it because I had it or I experienced it, and I’m here to tell you something – It’s not your fault”

“New developments, new research in neuroscience have discovered that brain chemistry is responsible for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomia (whatever the main ones are) and if you have one of these things, if you experience the symptoms of one of these things and you haven’t been able to fix it using traditional methods and you’d like to get it done fast, inexpensive, with a high probability of results, you need to listen what we have to say” ->

IS THIS FOCUSED ON THE CUSTOMER? Yes. Do not talk with a focus on you. When you look at it do you go “Oh That’s Me The Customer” Or “Oh That’s Me The Business Owner” first gut reaction.

Do not say things that are relevant to any human, any where on earth, any time they have ever lived, on every emotion…FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE AS A BUSINESS OWNER, you’re talking to one person in particular, but your headlines are often talking to everyone.

So if you say “The anxiety level that makes you feel like an animal in a cage is real” -> NOW you’re talking to me IF I HAVE ANXIETY when you say “what you feel is real” -> you’re literally talking to everybody



What if you made your communication a PERSONAL LETTER from a friend with a friendly picture with a subtitle below the picture “creator of cryogenics system” or whatever, and then headline in quotes “How I discovered the secret to curing my ___(depression, anxiety, and ADD)____ using cutting edge neuroscience and brain chemistry”

And then, you tell your story right there, and then after your story it says “and I’ve developed a simple little methodology here, and what I’d like you to do is” – and you could go one of a few ways – “answer this 10 question survey to see whether or not our process might work for you” or “enter your name and email and download a free report here, I’ve got a free 10 page report that explains how you can change your brain chemistry” capture leads – and then build rapport on follow up that way

On a silver platter advantage: She had the problem, she was trying to solve it, she couldn’t figure it out, she invented a new of doing it based on cutting edge science and research, THEN she created a system other people could use … and they should know that the second they look at the page “I’m in the right place, you’re talking to my hot buttons, there’s a connection where I feel like a real person is talking to me, and it’s coming across that she has the secrets and she wants to help me”

When you tell people stories, their logical rational judgmental argumentative side of their brain goes into suspension and they become open and they just let all the information in and they make a movie of what you’re saying, humans know to do that, so we say “let me tell you a story” everyone just stops and listens up and it must be true cause it’s a story

…start with “YOU, you’re my prospect, I’ve got what you need, give me some money and I’ll fix it for you” – AND IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WORK CRASSLY LIKE THAT, TRYING TO USE MORE SUBTLE STUFF IS OFTEN HARD TO MAKE IT BETTER (I.E. Eisenbergs Persuasion Architecture Methodology)

“As a customer is this talking about me? or the business and the business owner?”

“Does it say to me, the customer, ‘I have arrived in the right place now’?”

“Just by looking at it, do you know what to look at?”

“Do I feel like I’m in the right place?”

“Does it sound like it was written to get the prospect what they want/result the prospect might be looking for? Or does it sound like it was created to talk about the business and what it’s selling?”

“Is it more about the product/service than the result to the customer?”

“DOES IT SPEAK TO ME ABOUT THE RESULT I’M TRYING TO GET AS A CUSTOMER? (now, if all your customers come and know what they want and they read ‘hitachi h250’ and they go “OH YES! I’ve been looking for the h250 everywhere!” then good – but I don’t think they are)


Eben Pagan On Finding A Profitable Niche


Hey You,

Don't be lazy couch potato when it comes to this topic or else . . .


It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I wanted to share with you Eben Pagan’s small business marketing strategies that have led to most, not all, but most of his businesses growing to become profitble.

In a world where the opposite is true, 80% of businesses failing in the first five years, 80% of the ones that survive failing within the next five years, and something like 19 out of 20 businesses failing in the first 10 years, this is huge.

He credits this with having the right mindsets, the right strategies, the right tactics.

And the strategy we’re talking about are the mindsets that allow you to find the niche where you have highest likelihood of success.

Niche Mindset #1

Niches aren’t “chosen” and they’re not “what you want them to be.”

Your niche is about what your customers are going through.

It’s about the obstacles and the challenges that your customers have and


Part 3 of 3 – Internet Marketing Expert Eben Pagan’s Guru Business Plan – How To Eliminate Success Blocking Fear


Hey You,

"Hey Fear, you talking to me? You talkin' to me? You must be talkin' to me"

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

You ready to place the final karate chop death blow right at fear’s throat so so that it will leave you the hell alone so you can go balls to wall implementing your small business marketing strategies? Alright then, let’s get to it!!! Heee-yuuuhhh!!!

The Guru Business Plan Notes Part 3 – Managing Fear

What you’ve accomplished in doing the previous exercises (go here to Part 1 or to Part 2 if you haven’t been there yet and finished the exercises) is identify places where rejection surfaces in your life.

And now you know the places you’ll need to do things that let you face the fear of rejection or the fear of failing or the fear of being wrong.

What one activity in your business scares you more than hairy bats and hairy spiders and what’s the one thing one thing you need to do on a regular basis to overcome this fear when it shows up?

One thing people learned in the crowd was that all the things they didn’t


ADVERTISING CRITIQUES–Questions You Need To Answer Before Having A Pro Review Your Ad Copy

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Hey You,

Smile as you think of what an awesome consult these questions will lead to

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Why would anyone who’s serving up small business marketing strategies via copy critiques, for a client they’re unfamiliar with, do so by only working from the copy sent to them or the websites the clients sends them to?

I’m no research ninja by any means, so whenever I’ve done this in the past, I’ve ended up doing some half-assed detective work just to get the bare necessity background info that would help me gain the proper insight needed in order to serve up awesome solutions.

The lazy consultant’s way to go about this is to get the client on the phone or meet them in person and THEN ask all of the right diagnostic questions that give them the insight they need. Common sense says this leads to a LARGE hunk of the call being chewed up.

Stop Letting Your Copy Consulting Time Be Wasted


Part 2 of 3 – Internet Marketing Expert Eben Pagan’s Guru Business Plan – How To Eliminate Success Blocking Fear


Hey You,

Look fear in face and tell it to fuck off


It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today we’re rolling right into the next 7 pages of notes I took on the not-so-traditional lead in to the small business marketing strategies Eben Pagan taught during the “Guru Business Plan” part of his Guru Management Summit.

If you missed the opening of these notes, you can go here, PART 1, to catch up. Otherwise let’s get on with how to kick fear in the balls so that it leaves you alone…


Internet Marketing Expert Eben Pagan’s Guru Business Plan – How To Eliminate Success Blocking Fear

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Hey You,

Feel the fear and follow the advice here anyway

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I’ve got answers for the secret to letting all small business marketing strategies work – eliminating fear.

Below is the first part of 3 sections of notes I took on the internet marketing expert Eben Pagan’s Guru Management Summit where he kicked off the first 20% of the weekend event speaking directly to this topic.

Come along for the ride and play full on and do the exercises he asks you to so you can punch success blocking fear right in the face and get it to leave you alone . . .


Notes From Eben Pagan’s Traffic Intensive Summit

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Who is this super salesman stud? You're about to find out...

Hey You,

It’s Lewis aka Nerd #2.

Today I’m giving you a section of the notes from the recent notes I took on Eben Pagan’s “Traffic Intensive Summit” on a presentation titled “Secrets Of A Successful Sales Sequence”.

The man Eben had speak on this topic of a successful sales sequence is a brainiac named Bryan Franklin. Before this module, I’d never heard of the guy. After having heard his thoughts on sales, a topic I’ve studied a shit-ton of, I was grateful Eben introduced us and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too.

I could give you long as bio on him from his site but have instead chose to sum up his current status in Ebenese…


And now, let the show begin… More

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