How To Get More Done, Faster Then You Ever Thought Possible, With These Tips, Hacks, And Tool Learned From Productivity Genius Pete Williams…

**Source: Pete Williams speaks at Ed Dale’s “Go Pro Conference”.

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You need to be out in the market and contributing on a consistent basis.

You can’t “Outsource” market leadership. It needs to be your voice.

You, however, can outsource the process.


1. Everyday virtual assistant sends list of relevant forum posts that I can respond to. (V.A. is doing the initial work)

A.) Pick the forums your going to contribute to. (your topics of expertise you want to be know for)

B.) V.A.’s go through the threads and get 5-10 that are focused on your “Keywords” (areas of expertise)

2. Record your answers in Audio then send the answers back to your V.A.

A.) Attach the responses and send back to V.A. and they clean it up and put it in thread.


3. Syndicate – V.A. takes the answer and uses question as headline and posts the answer as the body copy and puts in Posterous Blog.

4. Quick Communication with your V.A.’s and Team

1. Use the “Say it and mail it” or “Dictamus” APP.

You simply speak the message and it sends it to whomever you want.