Small Business Marketing Strategies To Be Learned From A Man Who Robs Drug Dealers For a Living

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Hey You, Omar Da Terrror Little

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

One of my favorite quotes I’ve come upon recently is that of…

“Wisdom comes from multiple perspectives.”

Gregory Bateson

When you can only learn from people who are like you and see the world exactly the way you do, or would like to someday, you’re severely handicapped when it comes to seeing the broader picture. 

This doesn’t mean you spend significant amounts of time with people who aren’t on your wave length but when you embrace the idea that wisdom comes from multiple perspectives, you can at least shut the fuck up for a second and see things from another person’s perspective and THEN seek what’s valuable from their point of view and assimilate it into your own thus enhancing your ability to make wise decisions.

Now the person I want to introduce you to today, who I believe has valuable insights to impart on you is a fictional character.

He is the entrepreneur Omar Little (Man pictured at the top of this post wielding the sawed off shot gun) from the HBO hit series “The Wire”.

If you’re unfamiliar with this show, very quickly, here’s what 5 of the nations most respected critics, who collectively with 16 others, gave this series a total of a 98 out 100 on the site Metacritic had to say about it . . .



Part 2 of 2: Marketing Notes On Driving Leads Into Your Evil Clutches, Er, I Mean, Loving Arms

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See the small business marketing strategies mega consultant Paul Lemberg revealed in Lead Landslide Module of his Formula 5 course where he spoke at length about increasing your business opportunities with more leads

Hey you,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

In Part 1 of this post, we talked about . . .  

What can you effectively implement that enhances what you’re already doing . . .

How you can make referring customers & clients a pleasurable process for your existing customers and clients . . .

Finding your ideal strategic alliance partners who will take action for you in the quest for finding more of your perfect prospects . . .

And the top 6 online traffic tactics that can bring these perfect prospects with money in hand.

Now in Part 2 here we’re gonna get all geek on boosting your lead flow by 5-25% in the next few weeks and getting at least 15% increase in this area of your business.

And do it in a way that’s even with or drops what you’re currently spending to get a customer.

Sound good? Good. Let us proceed.

Every Business Model Offers Different Opportunities

When we’re measuring the results of our marketing it’s never a cost. It’s always an investment in research because when we track all of our key metrics we know sooner than later when to bail on a bad investment so we don’t get hurt.

Idiots try to spend as little as possible on lead generation.

Some people think the outcome is spend as little as possible on marketing. WRONG.

When you understand the elementary math in your business you see that being able to spend more money than your competitors to get business gives you the advantage.

If the first thing you sell somebody costs $47.00 and their average annual purchases added up $130.00, which led to lifetime purchases of $750.00, how much would you be willing to spend to get a customer?

First you have to know your lead-to-conversion ratio. Let’s say it’s 4:1. Now how much would you spend?

$11.00 dollars invested allows you to break even on the first purchase. Would you trade $11.00 to get $750.00? You’d do that all day, and all night, right?

But the only way you see this kind of opportunity is if you know which of the numbers in your business to punch into your handy calculator.

Critical Numbers For You To Know and Questions You Must Have Answers For


Marketing Notes On Driving Leads Into Your Evil Clutches, Er, I Mean, Loving Arms

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See the small business marketing strategies mega consultant Paul Lemberg revealed in Lead Landslide Module of his Formula 5 course where he spoke at length about increasing your business opportunities with more leads 

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

You want to look at marketing as a cost of getting sales that can bring back 10X or more what you spent.

What you’re about to see is gonna give you an idea of how many leads you need to pump in order to reach your revenue goal.

You’re also going to see how you can qualify leads and get rid of the ones that suck.

Then you’ll see how to track your marketing so you can measure
what’s working and what needs to be axed or tweaked.

Also be on the watch for how to find which tactics are going to give you leads that you aren’t using now so you can get them in the mix.

Everything to come will help you make sure your marketing runs smooth, is scalable, and is getting you the results you want.

How to Get Leads the Easy Way


Marketing Notes On The Lead Generation Strategy That Skyrocketed Eben Pagan To Massive Success

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Once upon a time no person buying or selling information marketing products knew of a man named Eben Pagan until he unleashed one of his small business marketing strategies on the market which led to all the internet marketing experts standing up to pay attention to what this man was doing

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Today I want to give you marketing notes on the process Eben Pagan used to come out of bum fuck nowhere and finesse his way into the hearts & minds of thousands of customers who all collectively shoved $20 million dollars a year into his pocket that he talked about at length in his Modern Marketing Mastery seminar.

What you’re about to see is the in-depth dissection of the move and mind set shift that Eben made that allowed him to divert millions of dollars that normally would’ve flowed into the bank accounts of the giants of the industry like Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham, and channel them into his own.

If your lead generation sucks or you’d like to get it doing better than it is already doing, you definitely are in for a treat.

Now let the party begin with the line that Eben popularized which is . . .

Moving The Free Line:

The Free Line has to do with anything that you give to your prospects in an effort to allow them to get to know you.

Now what someone experiences in their first encounter with you can make or break your effort to win them over and get them into the cycle of climbing their way to the top of your product line which may look something like this . . .

0 – Free (free report or free info they can get on website…)

1 – Low price ($10)

2 – Upsell

3 – Sell something else ($50)

4 – Mid-price product ($100)

5 – Sell something else ($200)

6 – Sell something else ($300)

7 – Premium price product ($1000)

The idea of moving the free line is to take what they can get for free and move it down so that something someone would be used to paying $10 or $20 for, they can now get from you for free.


Your lead funnel opens up and you appeal to more people.

A lot more people will be interested in getting something for free that is very valuable vs. getting something for free that is nothing but a self-serving ad for you.

And to help this process easily pay for itself you can now include a $2500 product or a $5000 product.

So you start out of the gate giving away a massive amount of value. Enough of a value that people want to tell other people about it. Whatever something is worth, you can find a way to translate the value and give it away.

You can move the free line and give your prospective customer a bunch of the value UPFRONT and doing this holds you to a higher marketing standard.


You need to give enough away so people go ‘WOW, you are the best’ because the best rise to the top.

Striving for this reaction forces you to make sure the free stuff they get is awesome. It subtly says ‘we got the goods, wanna try em out? Here you go’

So one thing Eben did that you can do too is put together a quiz designed to be genuinely helpful – NOT JUST TO GET THE FUCKING NAME AND EMAIL.

You personally go in, make all the questions, the answers, and for each answer you write a separate piece of advice so that ‘now that I know everything about you’ you click the button and the machine dynamically writes you a 5-page report full of valuable business advice you can use CAUSE THEM TO READ AND GO ‘WAIT A MINUTE, THIS IS STUFF NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED ME BEFORE, THERE’S SOME VALUABLE STUFF IN THERE’ AND THEY START USING IT.

And when a person sees how they could implement something, or they actually do go out and implement it and make money with it, this person is going to be open to being a potential customer, especially if it doesn’t take long to make a couple thousand dollars and it can instantly give you results from a little tweak or allow you to hire just the right person and free up half your time, etc.

Here’s the hint: when moving the free line, LEAD WITH YOUR VERY BEST STUFF

Because the customer out there doesn’t like us, trust us, and they hate to feel like we’re forcing stuff down their throats, or feeling they’ll be stuck with it and that they’ve made a bad decision and be embarrassed to tell their family and spouse that they blew their money on this thing that didn’t work out – yet again. THEY DON’T WANT THAT.

And giving them a throw away crumb and saying ‘take it and come back with money’ – that doesn’t fly.

If the first thing you see or watch is okay, will you assume the stuff behind the curtain is better or worse? You’ll think all the stuff is ‘just okay’.

If you come to the website and it’s really profound and impactful and you go ‘Oh, I know what to go do with this’ and you go do something different as a result of it and go to immediately put it into action it’s so good – are you going to assume the rest of the stuff behind the curtain is better or worse?

Holding back the good stuff prevents you from having a lot of success.

Is it worth it to give $100,000 worth of stuff away in order to launch a business that could be around a long time?

People don’t come to you because you give okay stuff away – they come because they went ‘oooh that’s cool, and if you’re giving that away, how cool must the stuff I pay for be?’

Think like customers a little more. It’s all about what’s going on in their mind:

Where they’re coming from . . .

What their needs are . . . 

What’s that fear/frustration?

What’s that driving motivator that they have?

What’s going on for them?

And how does that connect to the thing we’re giving them that’s the first step to delivering them to the promised land, to deliver the result, the outcome, the benefit that they want?

FROM THERE – what is one thing you know, you have in your head, or a product, a service, something you could give away, deliver at a very very low cost, en mass that has HIGH percieved value, $20 $50 $100 or more, that if you gave that thing away to your prospect would make them go ‘Whoooah this is incredibly valuable’.

It might be an idea. It might be a technique. If you’re a real estate salesman it might be a negotiating technique you’ve learned over the years. It might be a way of pricing homes.

This is something you don’t share, but with your best customers.

What is that thing you figured out that is your gem, that is your magic bullet, the thing you figured out, that you could make into a product, a download, a video, something you could deliver en mass?

How could you package it so it could be delivered en mass at a very low cost?

Write down 3-5 ideas that come to mind.

You want to be unconsciously communicating, "I have something to bring you" not, "I’m taking something away".

Your free line piece is your initial offer. That’s where to start.

You want to build your marketing documents around that as that foundation. You line up the beginning, middle, and end around THAT offer. This will allow you to build something that will be valuable to your customers.

Give a technique that works when worked, and that for the person who won’t take action, can see it making common sense how it would easily work if they’d get off their ass and use it.

Then, hint that there’s a deeper level and if they want to master it, to check out more of your stuff. This is a process that serves as the passport that gets you past the Berlin wall that is their skepticism.

Here’s What Screws The Free Line Process Up For The Majority of People

A big breakthrough comes when you realize you are kind of out of control of your mind.

You think you control your mind, but it’s all an illusion.

Your mind is just doing the same thing all the time over and over again and you get into different situations and it triggers something, you talk to your mom and it triggers this other thing, and other things and you’re kind of like this ping pong ball.

And instead of fighting it and feeling like YOU GOT TO GET CONTROL – just relax and watch it happen.

When you do this you start to see all these things you never saw before…

Someone will cut you off in traffic and you spend the next five minutes formulating this master scheme of exactly how you’re going to cut them off up ahead and exactly how it’s going to happen and where and you know who’s probably driving the car and the look that’s going to be on their face when you masterfully cut them off and you revel in how they’re going to realize they did it to you and they got what they deserved and they’re going to go home and feel bad about it …

And then hopefully you snap of it and wake the fuck up and tell yourself, ‘*GASP* What the hell are you doing you psycho?‘ That’s a gift.

Whenever you go on autopilot on anything, try to notice what happens when you’re on autopilot.

Most people go into denial on autopilot and rationalize it and justify it and say they’re right. But you should be fascinated with it, anything that pushes one of your buttons, and once you’re fascinated about it you start talking about it and it makes people nervous because they don’t want to know what’s going on in there ‘no no please keep the box closed’ BUT this is your first step to beginning to be able to listen to other people. Really listen. Not just pretend listening.

The kind of listening where you can hear when someone is communicating what they’re REALLY saying.

You start realizing we’re not around a group of civilized rational creatures that have totally locked down all of their negative emotions and their "automatic robot chimp behavior", and there’s a lot going on in there.

We the people have irrational fears and irrational fantasies and irrational motivations.

This does NOT mean we’re wrong or bad or evil or screwed up.


Forget about the logic.

The logic is irrelevant, because the decision making process going on inside of the head of the human you’re going to be talking to has NOTHING to do with logic.

Logic might come up at the end to rationalize the purchase but that’s not what it’s about at all.

You want to know all the irrational stuff. And we all make irrational fantasies and movies and ideas, that’s what we’re doing all the time, and that’s what is driving and motivating.

So when you know that, then you can start asking people questions and know what’s REALLY going on.

You can start saying things like ‘oh cute bag’ and instead of hearing the other person say ‘oh yea I got it on sale at blah blah’, you can start asking questions that allow the other person to share a little bit about why they REALLY bought it. You open up the space.

And you say ‘Why did you really buy that? Is it because of X?’ And a little window will open up and they’ll go ‘*HOLY SHEEP SHIT* someone else is like me and crazy too and I can share it’

So when you’re open to it you can go through the world and get people to open up just a little more, give you a little more insight, and then you can talk to what’s REALLY going on.

"The reason you’re struggling with it is because you’re thinking of it from your perspective, not thinking from inside the head of your customer" – in terms of coming from inside your own head of how you’re different from your competitors.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT TO THEM? Stop thinking from inside your head, and go out there and ask "What’s important to them?"

Instead of differentiation, a better strategy is to START DIFFERENT. Start different so you don’t need to go through differentiation. You’re already different.

In any market, category, segment, there is a large group of individual humans that have a problem, frustration, pain, a desire, a need, a passion that is not being addressed by all of the companies, products and options that they are aware of.

Some element is not being addressed as the market would like it to be. THIS OCCURS IN ANY SIZABLE MARKET.

And that is a place where you can start different, because if you deliver that result, that outcome, and you’re the first one to do it IN THEIR MIND, you have now started different so you don’t need to differentiate yourself.


This is not an easy thing to do, to shut all your stuff down and say ‘What would be going on inside of me if I was a customer’ to simulate another person.


There’s always something people want or a way they want it that they don’t know is available. You can use this to differentiate in a lot of different ways.

Making Free Line Content Work For You

When considering how you’re going to use free line content, it’s important to remember that you got a business to run and got to have the math and strategy make sense, but the critical communication with free line is this idea that YOU’RE DEALING WITH INDIVIDUAL HUMANS – NOT MACHINES WITH DOLLAR BILLS MAKING ALL THEIR RATIONAL DECISIONS BASED ON ROI ETC THESE ARE PEOPLE.

And if you build a relationship with them and trust, they will tend to want to give you more of their money in exchange for what it is that you have.

So a major part of the free line is building relationship, building trust. 


Your goal is to have them feel, ‘This is the real deal, this is something that actually works’ These guys aren’t messing around, this stuff really happens, this is not just for ______, this is for me!"

THAT is the experience you want to have your prospects have when you move the free line. You could open your business up and say ‘everything’s free!’ but, that may mess your business up.


Give them a test that has them an experience a “hit” of what you have to offer.

Marvelously designed “pre-consultation” questionnaires can work wonders in helping you to appear to be brilliant and help them see what possibilities you open up for them. 

You want something that quickly gives them the experience of being in the hands of a fucking master.


So you’d say something like, "Here, try this, we’re going to __(alter your brain chemistry with this simple experiment)____, do ____(this breathing exercise, watch this video do it along with me)_______, how do you feel? Well, if you feel better now, wouldn’t it be a safe assumption that you could probably be feeling better ALL THE TIME? Unfortunately you can’t be doing ___(that breathing exercise all the time)____ BUT you can ___(take one of our tests)___ and if you ___(take the test)___, we’re going to tell you what you need so you can feel like that all the time"


You can find SOMETHING to give a version of ‘give someone something to change their brain chemistry at home’.


Unless you’re advanced and sophisticated and can design more complex lead generation funnels, START WITH ONE DECISION AT A TIME.

Make it so the prospect only has 1 decision to make.

Here’s a good decision: "Are you going to put your name and email in the box or are you going to leave?" That’s it. There isn’t anywhere else to go, you can’t do anything else.

That’s it. 1 decision.

Then the next decision might be "Are you going to buy the product or are you not going to buy the product?"

At any stage there’s 1 decision.

Then you can introduce others once you find something that works. It needs to be a laser beam that whacks you between the eyes and goes "ooh! I’ve been looking for this my whole life, I have to take action now."

Focus On Only One Version of Your Perfect Prospect In Your Free Line Content


You could drive yourself crazy trying to get it just right for everyone.

If you have a business that sells snowboards to extreme snowboarders, but also as it turns out you have another business that sells snowboards to other wholesale companies you can speak to both of these prospects without confusing the message by telling your story and convincing a snowboarder that you reign supreme because you carve the snowboards back in the shed the way granddad used to do it and maybe you apply 27 coats of imported something handmade by child laborers and all the other stuff you build into it. You can say on your website ‘Let me tell you the story of how I came to build the best extreme snowboards in the world’ and you tell your story and then when you get to the part about how you build them now you might put in parenthesis (By the way, if you own a snowboard shop and you’d like to know how to carry our line click here)"

And you’ve woven that signal and everyone who owns a snowboard shop will be reading that and be fascinated more than the average customer and will see it and click on it, all without derailing the extreme snowboarders who can easily continue reading.


Offer People What They Want, Not What You Deliver

PERSONAL TRAINING: Does the person want training – or exercise plans? Or do they want the result of feeling sexier in the eyes of other people and actually being able to move without feeling clunky and clumsy?

You know the answer.

Do People Want Low Borrowing Rates?

People are not really looking for a low rate. They’re trying to buy a home, they’re trying to set up their life, they’re trying to start a family, they’re trying to settle down, they’re trying to set themselves up for long term security.

So to get off the rate thing and onto what they’re really looking for you start by saying "before we talk about your mortgage, let’s talk about something more important, let’s talk about the big picture of your financial life, let me show you a couple of techniques that are going to make this process about a 1,000 times easier and profitable than it is for the majority of people…"

Then you walk them through a set of techniques and give them some literature on how they could pay off their mortgage in less than half the time by paying 16% more on their mortgage payment, and show them how instead of buying a new car now, how they can save on payments by buying used cars for cash and show them how they could get out of debt in 2-3 years, walking them through this whole process and then say…

"Now, when we work together what I want for you is to be completely out of debt, I want you to have your home paid off, I want you to be driving cars you own outright, I want you to be financially set and secure – so when we move you up to this next home, that’s part of a bigger plan, and if you follow just SOME of the things I’ve given you here, this right here will probably be worth about $300k-$400k to you based on the kind of home you want to buy…"


So when it gets time to actually talk about the mortgage rate "you know, you’re gonna find when you go to lenders, the rates we’re all a little bit different, you know we’re in there we’re competitive, some lenders eh, you know they might tell you a story but when you get to the closing table it doesn’t really work out, you can go use them if you want, but I recommend that you work with me cause when you work with me you’re going to come in here every 6 months, we’re going to do a review, we’re going to figure out how much your home is worth, we’re going to make a decision about whether you should refi, we’re going to update your financial plan"

ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME ON THIS – IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MORTGAGE RATE LIKE IT’S NOT THERE. You haven’t quoted them your range like most people do – as low as 4%. Instead, you’re introducing the prospect to something that is a complete game changer.


So if you want your Free Line content to make an impact you have to . . .



This will allow you to design marketing that amplifies the message and communicates explicitly clear to your prospect that they’ve arrived at the right place – the hunt is over.

And when your perfect prospect sell themselves on this, you’re selling gets about 1,000 times easier.

Now take these guidelines and put them against what you’re currently using to bring new prospects under your protection and if it isn’t potent enough to convince them you’re their savior, change it for the better using what you’ve discovered here.

Talk soon,

Lewis LaLanne a.k.a. Note Taking Nerd #2 a.k.a. L.L. Cool Nerd

PS. This is major part of the lead generation process but if you want to go deeper and discover the internet marketing expert Eben Pagan’s process for optimizing your lead generation conversions, you definitely want to put your hands all over these notes on his high end Live Conversion Summit by clicking here now <—–

Marketing Notes On Gaining More Customers From Jay Abraham’s PEQ Seminar

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You’re about to see elite small business marketing “buying criteria” strategies that Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes laid out at their ultra expensive Performance Enhancement Quotient seminar that are designed to turn your business into the sexy beast everyone wants to sleep with, er, I mean, shove money at

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

What do I specifically mean when I say “small business marketing buying criteria strategies” designed to turn your business into the “Sexy Beast” of the market?

Good question.

Let me give you an analogy. It’s June here in Las Vegas and the sky is bright blue and it’s a dry 86 degrees. What does that mean? Pool Parties on the strip are in full swing – 7 days a week.

For a single heterosexual male, one of the things they would dread most is showing up at a pool party at the hottest casino and having it be Oktoberfest – where the sausages outnumber the vaginas 100 to 1.

If a guy wanted to make new women friends in this environment he’d have to be one of the coolest guys in the place with a light, care-free, and fun spirit who’s very comfortable talking to strangers because these women are getting either eye-raped or approached by all the other guys who are in within 50 yards of them, 100% of the time from the very second they walk through the gate.

In this situation, as in most, the ladies have the house odds and if they’re confident and bold enough to put themselves out there, they have their choice of pretty much any guy they want. (and if they want the guy and can’t have him, they want him even more and they forget about everyone else.)

How To Not Get Cock Blocked In Business

In the market place, the sausage fest equivalent of playing in the Vegas premier pool party environment would be setting up shop in a niche where there’s a SHIT-TON of competition. 

You walk in and you see that you’ve got all these dicks hanging around there, some cool, some not, and some of them are spending BIG dollars in order to hook up with your perfect prospect.

Your perfect prospect is getting eye-raped and approached not only by your direct competitors but tons of other people who want to put their hands inside their pants pockets as well.

I believe that if you’re reading this right now, you’re the kind of person who knows this doesn’t mean you don’t play here because you don’t want competition. Nope. I imagine that you’re actually encouraged by this because a crowded market tells you there’s money to be made there.

All you’ve got to do to get that money is show up and the be the cool guy who communicates that your dick is different from everyone else’s in a way that they clearly see it as a self-serving benefit to themselves.

And what’s promising is that almost no one knows how to put their little or big dick i.e. big or small business in the spotlight that allows them to become the person your perfect prospect wants to pursue and surrender to you so that you can give them pleasure.

Who Is This Strategy Right For

You might be the person who believes being in business is all about dominating your competition. This out of this world strategy, when used to it’s full potential allows you to crush your mere mortal competitors. They’ll be so embarrassed at how bad they are at competing with you.

You might be the person who in invisible to your customers and has the big boys of the industry kicking sand in your face. This strategy gives you power to even the playing field even if you’re playing with some heavy hitters.

Your business might already be kicking some serious ass. You take what you learn and apply it and test the hell out of stuff so you’re always improving. This strategy is definitely something that can take you to the next level.

You might be a person who gets their ass kicked left and right when it comes to seducing customers. You get ass kicked in everything you do and you feel horrible about it. Well if you want to stop being the ugly duckling loser in your prospects eyes, this strategy is going help you stop being a failure at lead generation.

Maybe you’re the person who knows that living is giving and you feel that growth and contribution are the real purpose of being in business. This marketing strategy will help you lift people up and leave them better off for having engaged with you, whether they buy or not.

If you feel like you’re the loser in your industry because no one likes you or your marketing and no one responds to it, this strategy can change everything you know about attracting customers and your entire experience of being in business.

Now Let the Seduction Begin . . .


Marketing Notes On The Mastering The 7 Numbers That Allow You To Have A Growing And Thriving Business

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See in these marketing notes why knowing these 7 simple to access numbers can optimize your small business marketing strategies which keeps your business from dying a slow agonizing death

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Business, boiled down to it’s essence, is nothing but math and psychology.

I know if you’re like me, you hate math. Get over it.

If you don’t figure out these numbers in your business that I’m about to show you (which you can easily do with the stupid simple calculator you have on your phone) and know them inside/out then you’ll never be able to grow your business consistently, over time.

They say to never say “never”. Well I’m saying “never”. Mastering these numbers is THAT fucking important.

Now let’s get to it . . .

First Number To Master: Average Transaction Size

This is exactly what it sounds like. This number represents the size of an average sale in your business. Remember, an average sale is
defined both in terms of revenue or gross profit.

How do you get this number?


Porn Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Creating A Great Information Product From Dan Kennedy

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WARNING: I get XXX raw in this post so if your parents, preacher, professor, and politician make me a bad person for doing this, you should probably not play with me for the day. I wouldn’t want these voices in your head getting mad at you because you found kick ass small business marketing strategies consorting with references to porn

Hey You,

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

Porn is like the famous pizza chain that turned their market on it’s head and took the nation by storm when they came out with their classic USP (Unique Sales Proposition) – “Hot, Fresh, and Fast”.

Nowhere in their USP did they imply anything about the pizza being good.

They knew their pizza was shitty and they knew that “good” wasn’t the leg to stand on. Fast was. And they became rich on the back of it.

Porn has done the same. Porn is a product. And for the most part it’s a poor quality product (I’ll tell you why I think this in a little bit). And forever now they’ve been able to get rich on a river of shit that promised you nothing more than it would be “Hot, Fresh, and Fast at Getting You Results”. No promise of it being good.

So What’s The Problem?

I ain’t gonna lie. As a self-proclaimed nerd I’ve seen my fair share of porn in my day. I love seeing me some good ole fashioned butt ass nekked women having a gay old time. (That Flintstones reference dates me doesn’t it)

But I trust that 99% of the women you see in porn aren’t having a great time. And yet, no one can argue with what a cash machine this business is. But porn’s primary ingredient is women and yet it doesn’t require these women be happily engaged in their work in order to rake in the cash.

My only question is, “How high is high?”

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, what does it matter if they’re having a good time or not? People just want to see the naked chick getting boned, right?” I’d say Yes and No.

When men cheat in a relationship or sneak away and watch porn, they aren’t fleeing to better looks, income, or status. They’re moving towards a woman who exudes a radiant youthful vibe, not to be confused with youth. Sure, it’s a fact that the most


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