Hey You, Above water

It’s Lewis a.k.a. Nerd #2.

In Part 1 of this post we covered the first section of notes from Tony Robbins’ “Creating Lasting Change” course that I’ve spent over twelve hours putting together for you.

We opened up the box of The Four Classes of Human Experiences that can lead you to meeting your needs.

Now depending on which experience you choose to indulge in, the vehicle you hitch your wagon to, this is what determines whether you’re fulfilled in the long term or not.

Next we pointed out how everything that people do, they do to meet their needs and how once you know this, you can not only help yourself but you can help other people meet their needs in a better way.

When people find a better way that’s more fulfilling, they can drop their old vehicles – their old short list of habitual behaviors that keep them feeling defeated or dead inside.

Then we ended the last post with this realization . . . 

YOU CAN’T GET YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE TO STOP DOING SOMETHING THAT MEETS THEIR NEEDS. You must get yourself or them to do something else that meets your needs on a higher level.

And now you and I will dissect how to figure out what specifically is stopping you and what the next level behavior is to take on and how to make sure the new empowering behavior meets your needs at a high level so that you become addicted to it.

How To Take Yourself Out Of Zombie Mode