What Happened To Family Values? When Did We Go From This ...TO >>>>

What Happened To Family Values? When Did We Go From This ...TO >>>>

The New Family Unit...What Happenned?

The New Family Unit...What Happenned?

If you are Not a Parent or have no interest in the direction of Families in our society then this post is not for you.

This past weekend I took a little vacation and had some time to think about some stuff I’d put in the back of my mind.

This Blog is supposed to be about giving you the secret strategies and tactics of the Guru’s.

This Post is as far from that as could be.

It’s a note to myself.

I wish I could say that I had a Leave It To Beaver childhood.


However, being raised in a hostile and unstable environment followed by raising myself for most of my Teen years has motivated me to study and observe what makes a great Parent and Family.

In doing so I’ve become a bit jaded.

There’s a huge difference in the way families operated thru the 1960’s.

And it’s my belief, there’s been a steep decline since.

Until the advent of the Credit card and luxury society we live in most people would go shopping for the family groceries once, maybe twice, per week.

Today people have so many choices.

The average family may go to the store 2 -4 times per week and still stop at the convenience store for a snack or a “changed my mind” dinner on the way home.

Lesson to children was you worked all week and only when you had earned the Money did you get to go get Food.

As a child you did your chores around the house, eagerly awaiting your allowance to spend during the Weekly Grocery Store visit while in town.

Today’s children are not only not receiving this lesson but are receiving things for nothing. No lesson given. No reason given. “Just Because We Can”

As Parents (I  have a beautiful 3 1/2 year old little girl) I believe it’s in our best interest to get back to leading by example.

Remember children learn many of their key life lessons through observation and experience within the Family.

Television is another Beast in and of itself.

I prefer to call it the Shit Box.

What happened to Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, The Flinstones, Roy Rogers, Western Movies, etc. ?

Very clear story lines full of American Family Values.

Turn the T.V. on today and your child will be exposed to numerous “Alternative” lifestyles, Million Dollar 16th Birthdays, shows that seem to think it’s o.k. to date and have sex with 16 Guys or girls at the same time, Violence is Cool, and a list so big it would take an entire whole post just to name the Complete Shit our children are exposed to.

What happened to Dinner together? Does it even happen anymore?

Remember when Families had one television? Now everyone’s got a Flat Screen in their room and just in case they can’t make it back from commercial break you Just Have to have one in the bathroom.

I’ve heard numerous stories from my friends (35 – 40 year olds) stating that their parents only allowed them to watch one show a night.

And even that ONE was monitored as to what it was.

Remember when you could only make one maybe two phone calls a night and it was usually right in front of our parents?

Now our children have a phone in their room and two cell phones.

Who are they talking too? What are they talking about?

I’m told Sunday Dinner at grandmas house was tradition.

“Over The Hills and Through The Woods To Grandmas’ house We Go”

Today that seems to be an afterthought on “Some” holidays.

Maybe i’m too old or jaded.

But I’m determined to find a way to give some of this to my little girl.

The number one show on MTV this past decade was Ozzy Osbournes House.

Let’s see… both kids in and out of rehab numerous times before they were twenty.

Dad so messed up by drugs he can barely speak audibly anymore.

Complete and utter Bullshit.

We live in a dumbed down Homer Simpson Society.

Look…I like a good laugh like the rest of you but I truly believe that a part of us love shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy so much because it makes us feel just a little O.K. with the standards we have set for ourselves.

If you can’t tell… I’m a bit calloused and pissed off about all this.


Because without the re installation of some decent values and character into our children and the next generation we could be in for some serious trouble.

I’ve been to friends homes and seen children sit in front a Play Station for hours at a time and occasionally switching to a show to watch.

All the while the entire conversation between Father and Son or Mom and Daughter could be summed up as….

“Hey turn that down” or “Why don’t you get your brother something to eat”

And how about the New Social Media System we live in.

I know of one teenager that has 1,600 Friends on Facebook, follows 400 people on Twitter, and has hundreds of MySpace Buddies.

Each page filled with sexual inuendo and disgusting vile remarks.

All the while, her parents, turn on “To Catch A Predator” (the show where they catch child predators in the act) and are in shock at what they are seeing.

All the while they are completely oblivious to the fact that their lovely child may have a Sicko Lurking int their virtual world.

I gotta be honest here guys I’m embarrassed and ashamed.

I’ve fell victim to ignorance and stupidity.

I had a chance to become a Healthy and Positive influence while dating my last fiance, to 2 incredible kids.

I failed miserably.

I don’t share this post to shame anyone.

I’m front and center as the bad guy.

But, as Tony Robbins, says; “The Past Does Not Equal The Future”

This is the Nerd’s Shout Out To Nerd Nation.

Let’s bring back Leave It To Beaver.

We might have to do it the handicapped way as single parents.

We might not think we can.

But it starts with each of us.

So here’s my Promise to My Little Girl.

Baby Girl..Daddy Promises…

  • To Always Listen To You.
  • To Never Put My Life In Front Of Your Needs.
  • To Eat At Least One Meal With You Each Day and Give You My Full Attention.
  • To Let You Be Yourself.
  • To Not Allow the Shit Box (T.V.) To Be Your Babysitter.
  • To Always Make It My Business to Know Your Friends and What You Are Doing.
  • To Keep Open Eyes Always to Your Virtual World.
  • To Fill Your Mind With Movies Full Of Wholesome Values.
  • To Read With You Everyday.
  • To Spend Quality One on One Time With You Daily.

What are some of the things that are pissing you off about families today?

Share some of your thoughts below.

Hey maybe you could sell me on the Idea that The Osbournes got something going that I missed.

Who knows maybe I’m just too dang Old School.

Love ya

The Chief Nerd

Make a Comment Will Ya Already…

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